The term structured is often thrown around in the fashion world, but do we all have a solid understanding of what this term means? Structured s a term designers use to categorize garments that are carefully tailored such as pants as oppose to loose fitting clothing. Pants are an easy way to incorporate the structured look into your wardrobe. The best part, it is something that you already have in your existing wardrobe. If you have a pair of slacks or dress pants, these are structured pants! A pair of structured pants elevates your collection of pants and can make any casual outfit more formal. This type of pant can be worn with an equally structured top or an unstructured top, such as a jumper. Lightweight jumpers are the perfect top to wear for spring weather. Jumper long-sleeve tops are perfect for colder spring weather. The shell neck generates heat to keep you warm, so that a jacket is not necessary to wear with this look. What is so nice about the jumper top is that it can be dressed up or dressed down and is perfect for wear at home during social distancing! The open toe sandals are an indication that warmer days and shorter nights are upon us. Head to toe, this look is a Work from Home (WFH) outfit. If the open toe sandal is small enough, consider going outside for a mini photoshoot. What better time than now?

Here’s how to shop the look:

Top: Treasure & Bond
Pants: Studio
Shoes: The Attico

Earrings: My TheresaBag: Balenciaga

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