Now that things are opening back up, will this be the outfit for you to wear while out?  The formal definition of monochromatic means containing or using only one color. In fashion, the monochromatic trend has been coined to refer to an individual dressing in one color, head to toe. All dimensions of the tan palette were utilized to sculpt this look, which is a take on the monochromatic trend. It is also an innovative way to spice-up your outfit. The asymmetric dress is patterned in neutral floral arrangement and text. It comes sleeved and with an adjustable halter top for comfort when wearing. Another structured garment, the blazer. It is a bit oversized, which is nice for layering. Depending on the weather, it may just be an accessory to keep with you while wearing the dress instead of actually wearing it! Boots can be worn year-round. I repeat, boots van be worn year-round! Unless it’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit outdoors, please continue to wear boots! When paired with the dress, the boots peek through the bottom of the dress to create movement when walking. On to accessories. While the bag is not tan, the colors of the bag are within the tan palette. Although the colors of the purse are darker than the colors of the rest of the outfit, the darker colors compliment and spice-up these neutral hues. Last but not least, who doesn’t love a good pair of shades? 

Shop the look: 

Blazer: Stella McCartney

Dress: Monse

Boots: Gabriela Hearst

Purse: Red Valentino

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